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GIGAOPTO Is Awarded the National High-Tech Enterprise

Release time:2023-06-28
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GIGAOPTO Is Awarded the National High-Tech Enterprise

On December 23, 2021, Shenzhen GigaOpto Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the certificate of “High-Tech Enterprise” jointly issued by Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen Finance Bureau, Shenzhen Tax Service, State Taxation Administration, officially entering the ranks of national high-tech enterprises, which means that our company’s independent research and development capability, scientific and technological innovation capability and high growth of the enterprise have been fully affirmed.

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High-tech Enterprise refers to the high-tech fields of the national key support, continuous research and development and transformation of technical achievements, forming enterprise core independent intellectual property rights, and on the basis to carry out business activities, aimed at cultivating and creating new technologies, new business forms, and promote economic upgrading and development. The nation has strict requirements for the recognition of high-tech enterprises, requiring the innovation ability of enterprises to meet four indicators, such as intellectual property rights, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, the level of research & development organization and management, and the growth of enterprise operations. Being awarded as a high-tech enterprise is not only a great affirmation of the enterprise's scientific and technological research & development and technological innovation, but also enables the enterprise to enjoy a number of policies favorable to the development of the enterprise in terms of actual operation, such as tax preference.

GigaOpto has independently developed various fiber optic communication modules by encouraging invention and creation and setting up a perfect reward mechanism for employees. Our main products SFP、SFP+、EPON OLT PX20+++、GPON OLT Class B+, GPON OLT Class C+++、10G EPON ONU Asymmetrical & Symmetrical and other series of optical transceiver modules have independent circuit design, embedded development, automatic debugging and testing system software, and have approved patents for optical module control circuit, optical network fault handling device, optical module connector, etc.

The recognition as a high-tech enterprise is not only an acknowledgement of our company’s independent R&D and innovation capability, but also a strong proof that we have a broad development prospect in the industry. GigaOpto will take this opportunity and continue to introduce high-quality talents, intensify independent research & development and innovation, always uphold the craftsmanship spirit of Excellence to make products, increase our company's industry influence and market competitiveness, and forge ahead in the optical module industry to create brand value.